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Who are we?


Mr. Ayhan Aksözek studied at the Faculty of Law in Ankara and worked as an lawyer.
He went to the Netherland en he also studied the law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He worked a many years in
Amsterdam and in Wassenaar as an Advisor/Attorney at Law.

Aksözek is specialist in the Dutch Law / the European Law en in the International Law.

We assist you as well as small, medium and big companies, in various legal aspects.

At the Aksözek Dutch/Turkish Law Firm, we use every legal device available to us to provide you with the best possible outcome for your case. That means we return your phone calls promptly, speak plainly and report regularly on your case. We are up front and ethical about our fees so that there are no big surprises at billing time.

We have the means to represent clients in a broad range of matters from criminal law to estate planning. Whether you're charged with Aksözek Law Firm or you're writing your will, we can help.

Put us to work for you! Dial (+90-212) 247 07 79 or our gsm: +90-543 747 97 79

As Aksözek Law Firm we assist you as well as small, medium and big companies, in various legal aspects. We also handle various matters, including:

- The Real Estate Law

- The Commercial law

- The Personal and Family law

- The Contract Law (Drafting, Negotiating)

- The Employement Law

- The Criminal Law

- The Arbitration Law
* UNCITRAL Arbitration
* International Court of Arbitration (ICC)
* Dutch International Court of Arbitration
* London Court of International
* Istanbul Arbitration Centre
* Singapore International Arbitration
* The Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA)

- Legal Advice in Turkish/Dutch and English
* Negotiations
* Drafting and review of contracts
* Legal Advice for Companies

We have excellent knowledge of the Turkish-Dutch and European law, and you can expect adequate and specialized assistance in various jurisdictions with personal attention to your case.

Besides Turkish we also communicate in our office in Duthc and English to resolve your legal issues.

Why Choose Attorney Mr. Aksözek?

Mr. Aksözek possesses sterling academic credentials, strong community ties, and a deep commitment to helping others through tough times. He speaks plain Turkish/English/Dutch and explains any legal process or legalese term completely to his client. He is committed to upholding the strictest personal and professional ethics while being passionately committed to the needs of his clients.

Mr. Aksözek provides a broad range of legal services to individuals and business clients throughout the Istanbul metropolitan area representing and advising clients in the areas of civil litigation, family law, fraud cases, personal injury, realty, contracts, Wills, Trusts and Estates. Out of state clients or legal cases from outside of Istanbul are also welcome and accommodated.

Mr. Aksözek maintains strong community ties, and demonstrates the strictest personal and professional ethics. Mr. Aksözek is known as the “advocate for the underdog” and always has the utmost concern for his clients with a goal toward prompt resolution.

His law office practices cost-effective methods to provide services in an ethical, timely, client-oriented and professional manner. Our staff is committed to responding promptly to telephone calls, regularly reporting on cases and informing clients of significant changes in the law. Mr. Aksözek is understanding of the law and ethical representation of his clients are the foundation for long-standing relationships with his clients and the community.

The Law Office of Mr. Aksözek is centrally located nearby historical place Pierre Lotti in the district
Islambey Mahallesi Örnek Sokak No>20/6 Eyüp/Istanbul.

Office Tel/Fax: +90-212-417 17 37

GSM: +90-543 747 97 79

e-mail: aksozek.law@gmail.com

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